Origami-a-Day — March 2018

Some origami in February was challenging, but made it through. So far 2 months in and this has turned out to be a very fun activity each day. Wonder what March will have in store for me. Come back often to check for the new origami of the day in March.

Origami-a-Day — February 2018

January was learning the basics of paper folding. My favorite so far is either the elephant (1/17) or the penguin (1/26). Here is to more origami fun in February.

Origami-a-Day — January 2018

I purchased a 2018 desk calendar that has an origami project a day. I will be folding and posting pictures each and every day in 2018 of the origami that I made that day. If you are a Facebook friend of mine, they will be posted there, other wise they will be posted right here.

WRAP Art Show – Honorable Mention

I recently had three of my photographs in the Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP) that was hosted in the Nohr Art Gallery on the UW-Platteville campus. There were several other local artists showing off their work. This past weekend was the reception and award ceremony.

One of my pictures, “Poppy” was awarded an Honorable Mention from the judges. Very happy to be receiving this award. A lot of the other works were great and I was not expecting to get an award at all.

Below are the three photographs that I had on display at the WRAP art show.

It was fun to submit my photographs to the WRAP Art Show. It gets my photographs out there for people to enjoy. I don’t care if I don’t win, I just want people to see my photographs.

I plan to continue to get my photographs out there and will post here on by blog where I have submitted my photographs for others to see them.

These photographs can be purchased through my ZenFolio site.

Platypod Max Mount and Oben BE-117 Ball Head

Waiting to take delivery of a Platypod Max and Oben BE-117 ball head mount. These two products will allow me to take those ultra low any photography without having to lay on the ground. I do a lot of nature photography and macro photography of flowers so this should come in very handy. I am in need of a L-Bracket with this setup. I am looking/waiting for the 3 Legged Thing L-Bracket. They are currently reworking the bracket and should be ready in a few months. The L-Bracket will allow for portrait orientation of the camera with out causing stability issues with this setup.

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