This Fall, my main bike, a 2014 Trek Stache, will be having some well deserved maintenance done in my off season of riding. I don't like to ride in late fall or the winter.

What I plan to get done is have my local bike shop do an over-haul service. They will take it all apart and service every nook and cranny of the bike. I will also be sending in the front fork for a rebuild from Fox Shocks.

Probably have put 1000+ miles in the last 3 years since I originally got the bike. It is time for a overall deep clean and service for this bike.

The month of June was successful for the Great Cycle Challenge.

I raised $725.88 for childhood cancer research. I biked 240.6 miles for the month of June. And on a personal level, I lost 20 pounds (Since April). I commuted to/from work just about every day except for one stinking rainy day. My longest ride was 22 miles, which was a combination of my two routes I did throughout the month.

This was a fun challenge and it was for a great cause.

I biked out to the "M" on the 13th of this month. It was a goal that I set for mid-May. Biking out to the "M" was a small feat. There are three long hills that are a pain. They never seem to end, but I made it!!! Only a 7.75 mile round trip, but very difficult if not in shape. But being able to do this was a great feeling.

I have bike a total of 146 miles so far this year. My goal for the Great Cycle Challenge is 125+ miles for the month of June.

In the last week of the Great Cycle Challenge and have surpassed all my goals for the month of June.

I have raised $725.88 of my $500.00 goal for childhood cancer research. I have also blasted through my mileage goals. My first goal was 150 miles, then 175 miles, then 200 miles. I am currently sitting at 200.9 miles. I have increased my total miles to 235 for the month. This should be able to be met as long as the weather cooperates.

I have commuted to/from work every day this month. Some days I don't want to stop and lock my bike up. I just want to keep pedaling.

This fall, my main bike will be treated to an over-haul at my local bike shop. So many miles put on this year, 314 miles since April. It will be well deserved for the bike and have it ready to go again for next year.

On a more personal note, with all this biking I have lost 15 pounds so far. I noticed that my arms and legs are skinnier as well as my stomach. I am fitting into pants and shorts that I have not been able to fit in for a few years, which is good news.

If you see me on the trails just try to keep up :P

Had an alumni ride this morning. I was the odd duck out with the only mountain bike. The rest were all road bikes. I kept up for the most part within the city. I peeled off before they started heading out of town. From looking at their Strava maps, they biked a total of 30+ miles. I would not have been able to keep up with them on the open road. I got in about 8 miles this morning at a faster than normal pace for me.

I adjusted the front suspension on the Stache this evening. It was set for when I weight less. Hopefully I will be able to make that weight again after this biking season. My goal is to get down in weight....first goals is to reach 265 (from 285). So here goes nothing. Being more active and drinking a lot less soda.

With the alumni ride this morning I am 70 miles for the month of April, and that was only like that last 2 weeks of the month. May should be 150+ miles if I can keep this current pace up. June, I have a goal of 100 miles....I might just increase this right away to 150 for the Great Cycle Challenge. We will see how May goes and will adjust my goal then.