Bu's Biking Babbles

Biking Adventures through blog posts, photos, and videos
Bu's Biking Babbles

Bu's Biking Babbles

My biking adventures through blog posts, pictures and videos.

RAGBRAI Registration Process

The registration for RAGBRAI L was probably one of the easiest registrations for any biking event that I have signed up for. Took less than... Read More "RAGBRAI Registration Process"

Pillow and Air Pump

Tested out the air pump I got from my wife for my birthday on the pillow that I will be using for the RAGBRAI L.... Read More "Pillow and Air Pump"

Bikepacking Equipment for RAGBRAI L

I have ordered a few pieces of camping equipment for the RAGBRAI L. I purchased the items while they were on sale. Saved a good... Read More "Bikepacking Equipment for RAGBRAI L"

Start of my RAGBRAI L Adventure

RAGBRAI L is the first biking event of its kind that I am signed up for in July of 2023. This is a 400+ mile... Read More "Start of my RAGBRAI L Adventure"