Bu's Biking Babbles

Biking Adventures through blog posts, photos, and videos
Bu's Biking Babbles

Bu's Biking Babbles

My biking adventures through blog posts, pictures and videos.

Month of May – Name of the Game….Just wait

May was just a bunch of waiting. Not much action from RAGBRAI or my charter. Not much info emailed out that month. I did get... Read More "Month of May – Name of the Game….Just wait"

RAGBRAI – 100 Mile Day (Karras Loop)

RAGBRAI has announced the Karras aka 100 mile day. John Karras was known for wanting to do extra. Day 3 (100 mile ride / Karras):... Read More "RAGBRAI – 100 Mile Day (Karras Loop)"

RAGBRAI – Gravel Day

RAGBRAI has announced the gravel day. Looks like the Gravel Day is from Storm Lake to Carroll. The distance and elevation gain is a little... Read More "RAGBRAI – Gravel Day"

First Ride Outside for 2023

Could not pass up the day. Just had to take the Salsa Cutthroat out for the first ride of my biking season. My outside biking... Read More "First Ride Outside for 2023"