Wren Fat Bike Fork

wrenforkA little under a year has past since I had my local bike shop overhaul my fat bike, new hubs, spokes, and the installation of a Wren Fat Bike Fork. In short this fork is amazing.

The Wren fork is super adjustable. The dual air chamber allows for almost unlimited amount of adjustability in the ride.  The damping side also allows for a lot of adjustment in the rebound of the fork. It can be setup to be very plush, just like floating on a cloud. Or it can be setup with a stiffer rebound, just all depends on your riding style.

As of recent I noticed that the front wheel would deflect to the left when braking. This is the first time noticing it and it kind of worried me a bit. I took it down to my LBS and they took a look and said that everything appears to be working as expected. Nothing was loose and everything was in working ordered.

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Forty-Six Mile Ride

46milerideWowzer! Did a 46 mile ride this past Friday. It was a bit long for me, but made it through. The weather was nice and there was a breeze, but just the distance was too much. Sore back side and my stamina was not there for the additional 10 miles from my 35 miler the Friday before.

Saw more of the country side on the Tri-County Cheese Trail in southwest Wisconsin. I started in Platteville and ended up in Darlington.

For me to go further I am going to have to work on my cardio. I have the drive within me to go further, but my cardio is not there yet for these longer rides, over 40 miles.

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Thirty-Five Mile Ride

35milerideYesterday I did a 35 mile ride to Calamine Wisconsin. Getting closer to my yearly goal of biking a 50 mile ride in one go.

From this route, if I continue to the next city, Darlington, that is an additional 10 mile round trip, so 45 miles total. Do able, yes, just not after this 35 mile ride. I am tired and and sore.

Eventually before I turn 40 I want to bike 100 miles in one sitting. Right now the 35 mile ride was not that bad, but was getting sore at the tail end of the ride.

Twenty-Three Miles…and many more

23 mile rideJust finished a 23 mile ride with the sweetie on the left of the picture. We kept on going and going on the trail. We eventually ended up in Belmont. Had some lunch and headed back home. Round trip was 23 miles and some odd change.

The picture was taken at Memorial Park on the UW-Platteville campus. The trees are in bloom and the birds are out chirping their little brains out. The path is full of pictures like this. There is always something in bloom on this trail. This is why I like this trail so much, so much nature’s beauty.

It is almost June, and the biking jersey I am wearing is for a great cause. All month of June, I have a biking challenge to bike 250 miles for the Great Cycle Challenge. Biking for a great cause.

See you on the trails!

2018 Biking Goal

My goal for 2018 is to bike, in one ride, 50 miles. That seems like a lot, it does.  This is a ride that would be double my current longest ride. Then next year, or before I turn 40 I want to ride 100 miles in one ride.

I have been biking all winter on a trainer in the basement, got boring at times, but having Zwift really helped with not being able to get outside. By doing this I am in way better shape this Spring. I have noticed that I am less winded at the end of my rides and my average speed in a little quicker.

I purchased a state trail pass this year as I will be biking the Cheese Country trail to get my 50 mile ride. This trail takes me through a few counties in the southwest and south part of Wisconsin. I am excited to see what the trails have in store for me as the summer moves forward.

The guys at Momentum Bikes in Platteville Wisconsin are a great resource to have. They take good care of my bike(s), and have helped me equip my bike with a frame bag to carry the emergency gear and food for my longer bike rides this year and in the future.

See you on the trails!