MTBProject – Moundview Single Track

Just added the Moundview Single Track Trail to the MTBProject website.

Seems like a very neat project for the biking community. Just added this trail tonight. Tomorrow I plan to add another trail, the Knollwood Single Track. Both of these tracks are in Platteville Wisconsin.

Will be adding more tracks and trails and I visit them. Will also be using the MTBProject and TrailForks for my future rides outside of my home town area.

Dairy Roubaix 2019

2019 Dairy Roubaix
2019 Dairy Roubaix

Did not update earlier, life got in the way a bit.

I completed the 2019 Dairy Roubaix last weekend. It was a 54 mile gravel/road ride in the Bagley Wisconsin area. This was one hilly ride, but fun none-the-less.

There were about 800 other riders at this event. I lined up in the back of the pack because I knew I as going to be slow and started where I think I would not interfere with the other faster riders.

The first half of the ride was awesome. Nice and cool start to the ride and the hills here all very manageable. Got to the half way mark / rest stop and I was still feeling good, just a little winded having to deal with the wind. Continue reading “Dairy Roubaix 2019”

Did It! 25 Laps of the Volcano

25 Laps
25 Laps

I did it!!! I reached my goal for the winter biking months. My goal was to bike 25 laps round the Volcano loop in Zwift.

Did it, conquered it!!!

The last lap was a hot mess but I did get it completed. This week I am recuperating from that long ride. I am feeling good now, but the day after my legs were so tired. I will get back in the saddle this weekend or next week.

See you on the trails soon!

2019 Great Cycle Challenge

greatcyclechallengeOnce again I will be riding this June in the Great Cycle Challenge.  This is a great event for a great cause.

My goal for this year’s event is to bike at least 250 mile and raise $1,000. This is the same goal I had for last year, so I know it is very doable.

If you by chance stumble across this post, and care to donate to the cause, click the link above and you can donate through the Great Cycle Challenge website.

See you on the trails!

Zwift 49 Mile Ride

Zwift 49 mile ride

I attempted a 63.5 mile ride this past weekend and I was 6 laps short of the 2.5 mile course. Around mile 45 my legs started to burn and I just could not take it anymore after getting to 49 miles. A valiant effort if I say so myself.

When I do finally complete this ride, 25 laps (plus lead-in) I will gain a few badges within Zwift. My goal is to complete this challenge before I start biking outside again.

Continue reading “Zwift 49 Mile Ride”