Zwift 49 Mile Ride

Zwift 49 mile ride

I attempted a 63.5 mile ride this past weekend and I was 6 laps short of the 2.5 mile course. Around mile 45 my legs started to burn and I just could not take it anymore after getting to 49 miles. A valiant effort if I say so myself.

When I do finally complete this ride, 25 laps (plus lead-in) I will gain a few badges within Zwift. My goal is to complete this challenge before I start biking outside again.

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Dairy Roubaix 2019

The Dairy Roubaix is a 54/107 mile ride in my neck of the woods in SW Wisconsin.

Wisconsin. The ride starts and ends in Wyalusing State Park. I would like to do one or two rides like this this year. Get out, see nature, and have fun.

The ride is not until April 20th. I am very excited for this ride. Why, I am not sure, I guess it is the getting out from the norm and riding other trails. I love getting out and being in nature. With the ride being four months out, this gives me plenty of time train up for this with not riding for almost two months.

Come back in April and read/see all about my experience. See you on the trails and maybe see you at the Dairy Roubaix this year!

2018 Biking Adventure

I have completed my goal for the year. I biked a total of 1,008 miles. This was a combination of biking on a trainer in the basement using Zwift and outside on many of the local trails. One thousand miles is a lot for someone that is not that athletic. It feels very awesome to have accomplished this goal.

Strava has made this handy dandy video of my biking adventure through 2018. It does not have my last 14 miles of the year, but they are there, I promise.

My biking goal for 2019 is 1,250 miles. That is about 105 miles a month. I think this is a very doable goal. Looking back on the end of this year there were many weeks that I did not bike at all either outside or inside when the weather started getting cold.

Here’s to 2019!!!

Salsa Bucksaw Parts Arriving

Parts are starting to arrive for the bike build. My LBS is working on making the wheel set and I have started ordering a few parts here and there.  I will be updating the gallery below with new photos when the parts/pieces arrive.

This build will be my first bike build from frame up and guessing it will take all winter as I will be buying a few parts here and there to build it up. Come Spring this fatty will be ready to ride.

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Salsa Bucksaw FSB

Just scored a used 2016 Salsa Bucksaw from Ebay. This has been my dream bike since I seen one at my local bike shop. It is a full suspension fat bike. I love the color (transparent blue) and the look of the bike. It is a very appealing to the eye bike.

I did not get a complete bike. The auction that I won is only the frame. This will give me the opportunity to build the bike from the frame up and pick my own components. I think it will be fun to be able  to do this.

Come back often as I start building the bike. I will post picture updates and comment on the process as I move along with the build up process.