2022 Biking Goals

Been a while since I updated my website. Been a bit busy and stressful this last couple of years with the pandemic and all other things that make the world a chaotic place. My biking goals this year are pretty much the same as last year.

  • Bike 77 miles per week (average)
  • Bike 4,000 miles this year (just a little over half way done)
  • Bike another century ride, hoping I can get this in September
  • Bike in the Great Cycle Challenge (again), bike 500 miles and raise $2,500
  • Bike the Dairy Raibouix (did and completed, great experience)
  • *New* – be the bike leg of the Platteville Triathlon

2021 Biking Goal(s)

A few goals set for 2021….hopefully will be able to achieve them.

If there are more goals that I think of, I will add them here on this list and add a post of the fun that I had achieving the goal.

See you on the trails!

What a Year

With COVID19, this year for biking and biking events has been strange. Pretty much all the events I wanted to go to this year were postponed and then cancelled all together.

I will have been biking my local trails and as well in my basement using Zwift. I am on track to get my 3000 miles for the year. Actually I am currently 502 miles ahead of pace.

I am also biking for the Great Cycle Challenge again this this year. This is my 6th years riding in this event. This event was postponed to September and so far so good. I am 156/300 miles and $1,146/$1,500 for my goals.

Been an odd year for sure, but still doing what I can.

As always, see you on the trails!

Rides Cancelled – COVID19

The rides that I had scheduled this year have been cancelled or postponed to a later date this year. The Great Cycle Challenge, Dairy Roubaix, and the Ride for the Arts all have been cancelled/postponed due to COVID19. It sucks, but understandable.

Hopefully later this year the rides will happen.

I am still figuring out a way to do a 100 mile ride this year before turning 40 years old. Hopefully I can figure something out and can get this accomplished late May or June of this year.

As always see you on the trails.