2018 Great Cycle Challenge

It is that time of year again! Pretty soon it will be time for this year’s Great Cycle Challenge. Once again I will be biking this June for this wonderful cause. I will be biking in support of Kicking Cancer’s Butt for research into childhood cancers.

This is my fourth year in this challenge. Each of those years I have raised more and more money for the cause and have bike more miles each and every year.

I challenge anyone reading this post to donate. Even if it is a a few bucks. Even the littlest amount can help.

Achievement App

Do you exercise? Do you record your steps, biking, zumba, food intake, weight … etc? If so, do you want to get paid for doing all this? Click here to sign up with Achievement.

Achievement is a small app that sits on your phone and you link your activity tracking apps to it and it updates with those apps. Its gives you points for each activity. Once you reach 10,000 points you can cash out for $10.00. It might not be a lot of money, but it is “free” money for something that you are already doing.

So take a look at Achievement and start earning. Signed up yesterday myself and already about 1,350 points.

Wahoo Kickr Snap v.2017

In the next couple of days I will be joining the ranks of the indoor biking crowd. I do not like the cold weather and biking out in the winter. Yes, I do have a fat bike, but just do not like biking in the winter. It is not my thing.

We have a indoor recumbent bike, and this bike is soooo boring. I get on it and within 10 minutes I am bored out of my mind. Watching TV or surfing the internet does not fix this. So decided to get a smart indoor trainer and looking at some virtual reality applications/games that will help thing that I am outside while inside.

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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Initial Thoughts

I got the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt today. This review will just be the initial thoughts about the biking computer and a few pictures from the unboxing.

The  Elemnt Bolt was well packaged. The box, on the right side had a magnet closure. Once the left side of the packaging was open there was a tab that was pulled to slide out the box containing the Bolt and all other accessories that came with it. Everything was packaged very well.

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