Zwift 49 Mile Ride

Zwift 49 mile ride

I attempted a 63.5 mile ride this past weekend and I was 6 laps short of the 2.5 mile course. Around mile 45 my legs started to burn and I just could not take it anymore after getting to 49 miles. A valiant effort if I say so myself.

When I do finally complete this ride, 25 laps (plus lead-in) I will gain a few badges within Zwift. My goal is to complete this challenge before I start biking outside again.

This was also a good challenge to see if I am able to bike for a long distance as I do have the Dairy Roubaix on April 20th of this year. The Dairy Roubaix is 54/107 mile ride. I will be doing the 54 mile ride. I think with my attempt at this Zwift Challenge is a pretty good sign that I will be able to complete the Dairy Roubaix.

I will continue biking in the basement until the weather gets nice in SW Wisconsin. It is the end of February and there is still snow in the forecast. I am itching to get outside and ride out in nature again.

See you on the trails!



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