Dairy Roubaix 2019

2019 Dairy Roubaix
2019 Dairy Roubaix

Did not update earlier, life got in the way a bit.

I completed the 2019 Dairy Roubaix last weekend. It was a 54 mile gravel/road ride in the Bagley Wisconsin area. This was one hilly ride, but fun none-the-less.

There were about 800 other riders at this event. I lined up in the back of the pack because I knew I as going to be slow and started where I think I would not interfere with the other faster riders.

The first half of the ride was awesome. Nice and cool start to the ride and the hills here all very manageable. Got to the half way mark / rest stop and I was still feeling good, just a little winded having to deal with the wind.I did have one problem on the first part of the ride, my chain fell off the bike, but I fixed it in about 5 minutes of struggling with the chain. And this happened just before the half way / rest stop. I rested for a good 30 minutes before I started up again.

The second half of this adventure was mainly on the road and this part of the ride was very hilly. The last hill I had no more gumption to go up hills anymore. Instead of quitting I got off theĀ  bike and walked up the 1.5 mile hill. Once I got to the top of the hill, I was almost at the finish line. Most of the rest of the ride was flat/down hill.

Got to the finish line, people were still there cheering people on. I finished in about 7 hours of riding and rest times. I did not care how long it took me. I finished and I was proud of myself.

I got off my bike, got some water and tacos for a refuel. Sat on one of the picnic tables and just enjoyed my feat that I accomplished and the lovely weather.

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