Wren Fat Bike Fork

wrenforkA little under a year has past since I had my local bike shop overhaul my fat bike, new hubs, spokes, and the installation of a Wren Fat Bike Fork. In short this fork is amazing.

The Wren fork is super adjustable. The dual air chamber allows for almost unlimited amount of adjustability in the ride.  The damping side also allows for a lot of adjustment in the rebound of the fork. It can be setup to be very plush, just like floating on a cloud. Or it can be setup with a stiffer rebound, just all depends on your riding style.

As of recent I noticed that the front wheel would deflect to the left when braking. This is the first time noticing it and it kind of worried me a bit. I took it down to my LBS and they took a look and said that everything appears to be working as expected. Nothing was loose and everything was in working ordered.

I talked with Kevin Wren from WrenSports and he said that he would send me a bolt-on front axle for the fork at no cost to me. I am current setup with a 15x150mm QR thru axle. He said that this bolt-on axle should stiffen up the front of the bike more and should reduce/eliminate the deflection that I am seeing when I brake.

This right here is why I will continue to buy from WrenSports. Their products might be a little pricey, BUT, they come backed by a company that is watching out for their customers. The support is fabulous.  Just that fact that Kevin did not even second guess sending a bolt-on axle to me and no cost.

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