Bike a Century Before 40

I have set a goal for myself before turning forty. I have three years to accomplish this goal. I want to bike a century (100 miles) before turning forty. If all works out next year, I could potentially achieve my goal in May or June. This just a because challenge to myself. No reason behind it other then just wanting to say I did it and prove to myself that I can. If I do this challenge in June it will also count towards the Great Cycle Challenge that I participated in the last few years.

For preparation I will need to find a trail as I don’t want to do this on the road. I rather enjoy this challenge on a biking trail to avoid roads and hills, especially in SW Wisconsin. Roads are hilly, and most of the bike trails in the area are relatively flat compared to the roads. I think I have a trail picked out, Military Ridge, starting in Dodgeville, Wi. This is a 40 mile trail, out and back would be 80 miles. Need to find 20 more miles somewhere if I decide to go this route.

Will keep the internet community posted on the route I will be taking.

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