Logitech Harmony 720

I recently purchased a new remote control and decided to go with the Logitech Harmony 720 Universal Remote. I let the battery charge and then started to gather all of my AV equipment models so that when the battery was completely charge I could program it. After about 5 hours, I started to program the remote. TV, Reveicer, DVD Player, Digitial Cable Box, all went smooth. Then I got stumped by the AppleTV. I did some research on the web and others have used a docking station entry for their AppleTV, it worked and everything has been programmed.

I have not fine tuned the remote yet, right now basic on and off of all the systems and volume, channel…etc have been all set to the proper component. Next step is to modify the display on it with the most common buttons that we use on the original remotes for the equipment.

Update 12/5/2008

I have been using the Harmony 720 now for about a month now and my only grip about it is that the battery life is poor. I know that it boasts a rechareable battery, but I have had to recharge the remote twice so far since I have been using it (not including the initial charge). My other remote was a Sony “Brick” and I used that for about 3 years and changed the batteries in it 3 times (once a year).

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