Origami-A-Day — August 2018

Wow, July was a odd month. Near the end could not do the origami folds with the directions provided. Will attempt later when I have some time to catch up with those.

A first for me…

craft and vendor eventNext Saturday (7/28/18), I will be at a craft and vendor sale selling my photographs. This is a first for me. A few years ago I started selling greeting cards at a local grocery store.

The event will be at City Park in Platteville Wisconsin for the Southwest Music Festival Craft Fair, which is part of the Hometown Festival Week in Platteville Wisconsin. It is a week long festival.

I have never sold my photography in this way before. Never really sold my photography other then the greeting cards listed above. I am excited for this new opportunity and hope to sell some of my photography.

I have a generous stack of greeting cards for sale, framed prints, and just prints for sale.

If you are in the Platteville Wisconsin area next Saturday, hope to see you at my booth.

Event Details

  • Location: City Park, Platteville Wi
  • Date: 7/28/2018
  • Time: 8:00am to 3:00pm


Origami-A-Day — July 2018

June was a good month for the origami calendar. There was a 5 day fold mid month. So if you are looking at the pictures from June that is why there only appears to be one origami for the week during June 15th.

Origami-A-Day — June 2018

May redeemed itself in the Origami-A-Day calendar. June is looking to be a good month as well. I really enjoy making the Froebel patterns.

Origami-A-Day — May 2018